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First black belts of the club

I am so excited to finally announce that our students Saba, Lucy and Esther have all been promoted to 1st degree black belt!

It’s a very special moment for our club to have its very first students achieve black belt, and represents the determination, perseverance and practice put in by those students over the years.

Both Saba and Lucy were our very first Taekwondo4All students – there were times when they were the only student in the class, and if it were not for their constant desire to learn and progress, then Taekwondo4All may very well not exist at all.

Esther joined Mr Overton’s club, Leicester Taekwondo Academy, as a white belt, before injuries and Covid forced her to take a long break. Most people might give up after such a lengthy gap but her determination to get to black belt got her back into training, and it was an honour to have her join us for the final year of her black belt journey.

Now it’s their turn to inspire our other students. All three started as white belts once and – in spite of various injuries, juggling of work, families and households, and a multitude of other responsibilities that women seem to bear the brunt of – they have managed to reach this point. I hope that the other ladies in our club see that and realise that it is possible, and at any age.

And lastly a big thank you to all our club members for their support. Each and every one will have contributed to our students’ journey to black belt. People assume it’s a solitary achievement, something you have to work at on your own, but every time you partnered up with Saba, Lucy or Esther for pad work, sparring, or had one of them teach you patterns, you have helped to embed their knowledge: achieving any belt level is a collaborative effort.

Saba, Lucy and Esther – the hard work has paid off: well done, both myself and the club are hugely proud of you all!


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