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Grading results (and the most unusual grading to date!)

Saturday 20th June saw us hold the most unusual grading - outside on a football pitch with separate appointment slots for each family, a good 3 months after our last physical class and indeed the date they should have all been grading!

However, all students did exceptionally well to remember all the syllabus, and coped with performing in trainers on astro turf in changeable weather.

I am immensely proud of all the students. Lockdown has not been the holiday some people assumed; students have all had to juggle multiple responsibilities - busy jobs or running their own business, entertaining children, home-schooling, managing households, making endless meals, and still they have found time to practice - that is their 'indomitable spirit' shining through.

So I am very pleased to announce the promotion of the following students:

- Katharine and Lucy Merryweather, Eleanor and Isabel Hartshorne, Ajwa Ahmad and Jasmine Pandya-Wood to 9th kup (yellow tag)

- Raksha Pandya-Wood to 8th kup (yellow belt)

- Lucy Redhead to 7th kup (green tag), and

- Saba Ahmad to 6th kup (green belt)

Well done to everyone!

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