Grading results - 18th August

Last week we had our first face-to-face grading in 14 months. In fact, it was our first INDOOR grading since December 2019.

So much has happened in that time - lots of interrupted hall training, months of Zoom lessons - and yet all my students have demonstrated true perseverance in keeping on going no matter what's been thrown at them.

I am so proud of their hard work, their enthusiasm, their desire to keep improving. So I am very pleased to announce the following promotions:

Promoted to 9th kup (yellow tag): Aisha Ashraf Amanpreet Deol Arjun Rajaguru Faris Patel

Promoted to 8th kup (yellow belt): Beenal Rajaguru Ajwa Ahmad

Promoted to 5th kup (blue tag): Lucy Redhead

Promoted to 4th kup (blue belt): Saba Ahmad

Congratulations to all!