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GM Nicholls' Seminar - Sat 18th March

Wonderful to see so many people attending Grandmaster Nicholls' seminar on Saturday 18th March; there was a large turnout from not only the regional clubs here in Leicester and Nottingham, but instructors and students from further afield too.

GM Nicholls took us through some of the foundation moves of taekwondo - low block, middle block, knife hand and backfist strikes, really concentrating on letting the movement flow, feeling relaxed and natural; using this idea to maximise each technique's impact.

It was a great surprise to be presented with my 4th degree certificate by GM Nicholls at the end of the session too - just wish I wasn't quite so sweaty for all the photos!

Well done to all those students who attended, and hope you are not too sore afterwards - I know my arms certainly felt the after-effects!


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