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Grading results for March

Congratulations to everyone who graded in March. Once again, the standard was very high across the group and despite the nerves, everyone performed to the best of their ability.

I'm very pleased to announce the following results:

Promoted to yellow tag (9th kup):

Isaac Morgan

Muskaan S

Melissa Trotman-Luca

Sofia Hull

Anna Hull

Ewelina Rosiecka

Zuzanna Rosiecka

Aanya Mistry

Raksha Mistry

Promoted to yellow belt (8th kup):

Maryam D

Ruqayyah P

Vanessa Hill

Eva Hill

Anya LaMarca

Promoted to green tag (7th kup):

Maya Morgan

Azlan Ahmad

Kriti Perepu

Layla Morgan

Promoted to green belt (6th kup):

Subhadra Dronumraju

Promoted to blue tag (5th kup):

Theresa Lim

Promoted to blue belt (4th kup):

Aisha Ashraf

Eli Jarvis

Promoted to red belt (2nd kup):

Faris Patel

Promoted to black tag (1st kup):

Mya Devabhai

Well done to everyone!


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