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June grading results

Huge congratulations to all our students who passed their grading on Wednesday 29th June.

It is always nerve-wracking having to remember the syllabus and perform in front of a panel of black belts (4 at this grading!), but we understand that and try to frame a grading more as a demonstration of how far students have progressed since the last exam. And all our students showcased that without a doubt, so very well done.

It's my pleasure to announce the following:

Promoted to yellow tag:

Arjun Sandhu

Promoted to yellow belt: Praneeta Garapati

Promoted to green tag: Fatima Govani Nabilah Hamidi

Promoted to green belt:

Arjun Rajyaguru Faris Patel

Promoted to blue tag:

Beenal Rajyaguru

Ajwa Ahmad

Promoted to blue belt: Mya Devabhai

I'm very proud of all the hard work put into this grading and the results are thoroughly well-deserved.


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