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June Grading Results

Our June grading was held on Saturday 15th at St. Anne's Community Hall in Leicester. It was our largest grading to date, with 33 students attending, spread across a wide range of belts from 10th kup all the way up to 2nd kup.

With so many students in the hall, instructor Ms Davis was ably helped by Ms Aylett I Dan, who took the students for a warm-up before we started to help dissipate the nerves.

The students were split into 2 groups according to belt grade and the running order was mixed up, partly to allow the seniors a little break in between their syllabus, and partly to give the junior grades a chance to watch the seniors perform.

The standard was really high across the students, despite nerves causing the occasional wobble! What was really apparent for me was the underlying understanding of the movements, especially across the senior grades, with a high level of precision, power and application of techniques. The strikes, kicks and blocks of taekwondo are designed to be effective in attack or defence, and that was the feeling I came away with after the grading: students really understood what they were doing and why.

So I am very pleased to announce the grading results are as follows:

Promoted to yellow tag:

Rehaan Lokat Thea Boocock Ingrid Boocock Urvashi Patel Wajiha Ahmad Simran Bains Avneet Bains Saffwana Essat Reese Mansfield Simran Khanna Pras Bhawre Maliha Ahmad

Promoted to yellow belt:

Aroushi Rajyaguru Zayab Ali Zuzanna Rosiecka Ewelina Rosiecka

Anna Hull

Sofia Florek

Aanya Mistry

Nawal Bensellam

Promoted to green tag:

Karleen Kaur Eva Hill

Vanessa Hill

Anya LaMarca

Erin Else

Promoted to green belt:

Kriti Perepu Azlan Ahmad

Promoted to blue belt:

Rais Patel

Subhadra Dronumraju

Promoted to red belt:

Ajwa Ahmad

Lucy Merryweather

Nabilah Hamidi

Promoted to black tag:

Beenal Rajyaguru

Congratulations all!


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