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March Grading Results

Congratulations are in order to everyone who graded last Saturday 11th March - I am so proud of each and every student.

Having students that are eager to learn, want to improve and put in the time to practice - despite all the things that life throws at you - is just the best and I feel very honoured to be teaching you all.

It was a busy grading with a lot of students and their families watching but all students upped their game and performed very well under the pressure.

So I am very pleased to announce the following promotions:

Promoted to yellow tag: Subhadra Dronumraju Beth Crowe Gavin Pereira Shazia Khan Maryam Lorgat Aasiyah Lorgat Umaimah Lorgat

Promoted to yellow belt: Rais Patel Theresa Lim Layla Morgan Maya Morgan Elin Turner-Davis Qasim Shabir

Promoted to green tag: Josie Payne Praneeta Garapati Eli Jarvis

Promoted to green belt: Aisha Ashraf

Promoted to blue tag: Fatima Govani Nabilah Hamidi

Promoted to blue belt: Arjun Rajyaguru Faris Patel

Promoted to black tag: Lucy Redhead Saba Ahmad

Well done everyone!

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