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September/October Grading Results

I am very pleased to announce the result of our colour belt grading held on Saturday 23rd September and Monday 30th October - all students worked very hard to achieve their new belts.

Promoted to yellow tag:

Maryam Deen Anya La Marca

Promoted to yellow belt:

Saarah Yakub

Khadijah Ganatra

Zayneb Barhoum

Umaiyyah Rafique Unaisah Rafique

Fatima Saleem

Promoted to green tag:

Beth Crowe Subhadra Dronumraju

Promoted to green belt:

Theresa Lim

Rais Patel

Promoted to blue tag:

Aisha Ashraf

Promoted to red tag:

Faris Patel

Very well done to all - keep up the great work!


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