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Taekwondo classes return to the hall

All classes have now returned to hall training again at St Anne's Church Hall.

When the first lockdown in March 2020 was announced, both adult and kids classes moved online and we discovered the joys - and tribulations (poor internet connection anyone?) - of training over Zoom. In total, I taught 85 online sessions, and we were honoured to have students from other clubs join us.

Whilst it worked to keep motivation going, and we even managed a video grading, the reality is that part of the appeal of martial arts is training together, being part of a group.

As our regional instructor Master Wood likes to say, taekwondo is one big family, and it just wasn't the same seeing students over a computer screen.

So I am over the moon that we are back to physical learning in a hall - albeit socially distanced and taking precautions to eliminate the virus spread. Training as part of a community, feeling the energy of the students - these are some of the best bits of learning martial arts!

Classes are as follows:

Mondays - 4pm Juniors & Cadets Mondays - 4.30pm Cadets (follow on class)

Thursdays - 8pm Women's class

Saturdays - One-2-one sessions


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