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4 Year Anniversary of First Women's Class

Thursday 18th March marked 4 years to the day since our very first ladies' taekwondo class (on an ill-fated Friday morning - it was never going to be a popular time but thank you to my first student Saba for sticking with it!).

Despite over a year of closures due to the pandemic (and countless Zoom classes to keep everyone motivated) we have kept on going because I feel strongly about having a safe female space to learn martial arts in.

It's been so rewarding to see the journeys of those students who started with me several years ago, and to witness the class slowly but surely growing, to the point where we have now had to extend the class time to ensure all belt levels get some quality practice.

Thank you to all our students, both experienced and beginners, for continuing to support our club and for building this amazing community that we have.


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