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December Grading Results

Now that everyone has finally received their new belts, I am very pleased to announce the results of December's grading:

Promoted to 9th kup (yellow tag):

Nawal Bensellam

Vanessa Hill

Eva Hill

Trixie Scharenheuvel-Lewitt

Aroushi Rajyaguru

Promoted to 8th kup (yellow belt):

Erin Else

Karleen Kaur

Kriti Perepu

Promoted to 7th kup (green tag):

Reya Kotadia

Gavin Pereira

Promoted to 6th kup (green belt):

Qasim Shabir

Promoted to 5th kup (blue tag):

Eli Jarvis

Promoted to 3rd kup (red tag):

Lucy Merryweather

Eleanor Hartshorne

Arjun Rajyaguru

Nabilah Hamidi

Promoted to 2nd kup (red belt):

Beenal Rajyaguru

Congratulations everyone on a very good grading!


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