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Taekwondo4Kids - class returns online from 22nd September

The BRITE Centre community hall is likely to remain closed till Christmas so I am resuming kids' lessons online at 4pm every Tuesday during term time.

This class is half an hour and aimed at 4-8 yr olds (though parents and older siblings are more than welcome to join in too!).

It consists of a warm-up, weekly challenges for balance, speed and accuracy, and learning one or two taekwondo techniques that we put into a sequence. We keep it simple so that children can easily see via the computer how to perform each techniques, and then practice during the week if they want.

It's fun, informative, and all doable in the space of a living room! Cost will be £2.50 per session (regardless of how many students share the computer!).

Please contact me if you would like to join this class or want to ask more.


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